Cookie Policy

In order to give you the best experience we use cookies to personalise content and ads, as well as analyse traffic and behaviour to improve our website. We use third party tools to understand more about your use of our site and interaction with our advertising campaigns. All data we collect is anonymous. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer, which are required to enable certain functionality. Wasps Energy uses cookies to remember users during a visit and upon return to our site. But don’t worry. They are anonymous and don’t store any personal information of any kind. Cookies are used to help us understand how our customers use our websites and we use this information to help plan improvements to the site and to enable us to get to know you better, so we can provide as better experience.

What cookies does our website use?

Google analytics
This tag gives general information about how people are using the website, including what pages they visit, how long they visit for and the kind of things they do. This info helps spot problems and improve the website.

Hotjar is a powerful tool that reveals the online behaviour and voice of your users. By combining both A) Analysis and B) Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site's user experience and performance (conversion rates).

The Analysis tools allow you to measure and observe user behaviour (what users do on a webpage/website) while the Feedback tools allow you to hear what your users have to say (Voice of User / Customer). For more info visit:

The Lotame DMP helps marketers to better understand audiences engaging with web properties and online media (e.g. advertisements). With better audience insights, the DMP enables marketers to better optimize digital marketing activity with more effective targeting and messaging. The result is an increased effectiveness of your marketing spend. For more information visit:

DoubleClickID \ Google
This is an anonymous, unique identifier used to track how successful our advertising is. These cookies allow the device's IP address to be sent to a website, but it doesn't store the IP address or any other personal data.

Google adwords and Google Dynamic retargeting
We use these cookies on a small number of pages to see when people have come from specific websites, search engines or online advertisements. This helps us to see how people find us and how well our marketing is working.

ResponseTap is a phone call analytics tool, used to understand the customer interaction between the website and the call centre. Three cookies are used by ResponseTap to help demonstrate this journey so the business can improve their customer experience. These cookies are used to help ResponseTap collect information about how visitors use our website. We use the information gathered to compile reports that help us to understand how people interact with our business. The cookies store unique identifiers that allow ResponseTap to track a visitor's progress through our website over time.

Registers a unique ID that is used by Google to keep statistics of how the visitor uses YouTube videos across different websites.

Trust Pilot
The following cookies are set by Trust Pilot, a social commerce suite providing independent reviews of our products from verified purchasers.

Visual Web optimiser:
Visual Website Optimizer is a full service CRO platform which offers AB testing, multivariate testing and user insights such as heatmaps in the variants that are being tested.

The platform allows us to make changes to individual pages, templates or sections of the site and to test performance of the variant in comparison to the control.

We may set up several goals for each test to allow us to measure performance on several metrics such as engagement (bounce rate), click to start quote, completed quotes, and sign ups. These goals are set up directly in VWO and so are not dependent on goals being set up in GA. It is, however, possible to integrate VWO with GA to pull results into GA for additional insights and to further segment results.

For more information please read:

FAQs, search and Live Chat:
We have partners that provide our FAQs, site search and Live Chat functionality. Cookies are used to remember a user during a visit so that we can see which features our users find most useful.

Turning cookies off by changing settings from within your browser

It’s easy for you to enable and disable all Wasps Energy cookies but won’t stop all cookies from other websites being set. To do this you may change your settings from within your browser.

The instructions for these vary from browser to browser and they may change from time to time as new versions are released.

Here are some links to instructions for the most common browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome


For other browsers, try searching for "managing cookies in (browser name)".